See You Next Year!


The Tale Spinner Lounge: Time for something New! The Tale Spinner Lounge is Closing its Doors … for now!

Between January 2017 and March, 2000, The Tale Spinner Lounge performed and entertained audiences in various venues throughout the area. Local talent performed for an appreciative audience who rewarded our performers with their presence, smiles, applause, and appreciation. The show frequently sold out and often generated additional funds to donate to various community causes.

In March 2020, a worldwide pandemic forced the show to close for more than thirty months. Government regulations, personal restrictions and health advisories caused venues to close their doors, making it impossible for the Tale Spinner Lounge to perform.

After spending time writing books and traveling, I returned to Fort Collins in June, 2022. Friends asked me to start the Tale Spinner Lounge again. I changed the show’s format, hired a new marketing team, and a booking agent who recommended incredible musicians to perform on the TSL stage. Between, December, 2022 through September, 2023, the second version of the Tale Spinner Lounge presented ten shows at two venues in Fort Collins. The pandemic had a profound impact on performers, the audience, and the tone of the show. By late September, the Tale Spinner Lounge experienced equipment and personnel issues that created an excessive financial drain. We cannot continue in our current format.

The Tale Spinner Leadership staff and key individuals at the Elks Lodge, our current performance venue, supported my decision to temporarily close the show. Therefore, we plan to cancel our two remaining shows for 2023 and to redesign a third rendition of the Tale Spinner Lounge show sometime in 2024. We will go ‘dark’ for the next several months while we design something new and different for future performances.

I want to thank everyone who supported our show, especially to those who attended all of them. I am pleased you were part of our commitment to provide quality community entertainment and hope to see you again in the future.

Bill Lamperes

Director/Producer of the Tale Spinner Lounge